The History of Samsung Mobile

Samsung Group is a Korean company. It has a big name in the electronics market. The company was established by Lee Byung-chul in 1938 . The name of the company is Korean word that three star means into English. In the starting period its name Samsung Sang Hoe and its shape is small trading company which has forty employees. 1947 Lee moved its headquarters in Seoul.


In 1960 this group several electronic related technologies, such as Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Samsung Electronic Devices Co., Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. came in the field of electronics industry and started in 1980, Samsung made the first black and white television. After acquiring Hanguk Jeonja Tongsin companies came in the telecommunications equipment field and started to build telecommunication devices. After passing some time He put his step in the field of mobile phones. Company is now producing 800 mobile phones. Companies within the Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. summarized all of them.

Samsung produces a range of stylish and attractive designer cell phone on the market. The company launches its mobile around 1983 company launches the mobile phone under the Samsung Electronics. This was the parent company. This was in 1969. It has two branches first is known for television and other well-known established Appliances. At the time of launching companies took a big competition from Motorola and Sony Ericsson, but soon company makes its position between them.

Samsung first victim was a car phone. It was taken in 1986, but it has not the success, to leave a good impact on the market. Cell phones have poor reception and sales as production was interrupted. See this point they led many models to the 1990s, but its sales were low because the reception was poor and their size was bulky.

In 1993 came a turning point in the company when it publishes the series SH 700th Mobile in this series have sleeker design and better sound quality, and this quality, which make it a specific place on the market.

In 1996 to achieve the first Samsung phone in the hands of the Americans.

Source: by Radha Rani Trivedi