Samsung WEP420 Bluetooth Headset

/ AWEP420JBEG / AWEP420JBEGXAR Bluetooth Headset Bang & Olufsen designed for Premier styling. Noise Shield Slide cover keeps buttons with the secondary function of blocking noises hidden from the side! Soft spring earhook moves flexibly from left to right ear. Luxury cradle is designed as a loading tool and as a soft feel ZEN-style interiors products. Features slide call receiving last call, select mute hold and LED on / off mode. Up to 4 hours talk time or up to 70 hours of standby time before recharging on the supplied Battery Charger designer of Bang & Olufsen. Bluetooth Handsfree Profile (HF) and Headset (HSP) are supported on this Bluetoth version 2.0 class 2 device for fast secure connectivity up to 30 meters. Click here to determine if your phone model is Bluetooth enabled and can support Bluetooth profiles. Original Samsung factory original one-year warranty applies. Supported Models and Categories: UTStarcom CDM1450 / Super Slice Mobile AccessoriesAudiovox SMT-5600 / SPV C500 (HTC Typhoon) mobile AccessoriesUTStarcom SMT5800 Cell AccessoriesUTStarcom XV6800 / PPC6800 / HTC Titan mobile AccessoriesUTStarcom MP6900 Series AccessoriesUTStarcom CDM7126 Series AccessoriesUTStarcom CDM8935 Series AccessoriesUTStarcom G ‘Zone Type-S AccessoriesAudiovox PPC6600 / HTC Harrier AccessoriesAudiovox PPC6700 / HTC Apache Accessories Danger Sidekick 3 Series Accessories Danger Sidekick Slide Series Accessories Sony Ericsson K700 Series Accessories Sony Ericsson K800 / K790 Accessories Sony-Ericsson K850i Series Accessories Sony Ericsson M600i Series Accessories Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 Accessories Sony-Ericsson P910 Series Accessories Sony-Ericsson P990 Series Accessories Sony-Ericsson S700 Series Accessories Ericsson T28 / T39 Series Accessories Sony Ericsson T608 / T610 Accessories Sony-Ericsson T630 / 637 Accessories Sony-Ericsson T68 Series Accessories Sony Ericsson W300i / Z530 Accessories Sony-Ericsson W580 / S500 Accessories Bluetooth

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