Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Inch 8gb, Wi-fi, White

After receiving customer feedback, DJIFPV has made numerous changes to the 7 “tablet. This tablet comes as a” Plug and Play “which eliminates the frustration and anger that many UAV encounter Flyer, the incompatible applications and versions of Android or the inability of the UAV are to be connected. In addition, this tablet fits the stock phone / tablet holder, which means that no ! Modding requires There are numerous upgrade from our previous model, which are: – HD resolution – Brighter Screen – Extended Battery Life – Fits in stock Phone / Tablet Holder Our tablets are a few essential applications that selected itself for both professional and recreational use were pre-installed: – DJI – DJI pilot supported UAVs: – DJI Phantom line: o Phantom FC40 o Phantom Vision 2 o Phantom Vision 2 + o o Phantom Phantom 3 3 Advanced o Inspire 1 – DJI Light (2.4 GHz) Optional purchasable upgrades include: – Portable Battery Charger (Charge the tablet several times) – Micro SD card – sun protection FAQ: Q: Do I have internet (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G), to use this tablet? A: No internet is required to operate this tablet. This tablet compound emits to the Wi-Fi signals from the UAV. Q: How can I load the map without Internet? A: You need the card before you cache it. This means flying the map of where you are when you load are Internet connected before flying. Q: Does this tablet with ground station and waypoints come? A: Yes, ground station and waypoints are included in the DJI App. You have the ability to set waypoints without Internet. Q: Does this Tablet with GPS capabilities to come? A: Yes, that’s Tablet with the latest features of the DJI app that dynamic return-to-door includes compatible. Q: Does this tablet come with a warranty? A: Yes, this tablet comes with a 30 day limited warranty * * Warranty only covers dead on arrival and hardware malfunctions .. This warranty does not cover damage intentionally or accidentally.This Certified Refurbished product tested and certified to look and to work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, thorough cleaning, inspection and repackaging. The product is to arrive with all the relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may be used in a generic box.

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